Monica is a Communications Facilitator, and she specialises in assisting people to have those essential conversations that help them progress in life or cope with challenges in school or the workplace.  


Working with young people to help them develop the skills to cope with change, build relationships and develop a strong self-image.  She works with more than 30,000 young people every year within the 10-18 age bracket, and has tremendous insight into what makes young people tick.  Her call back rate in schools stands at approximately 95%. 


Helping parents by sharing information gathered over 25 years of experience working with thousands of young people around the country.  Giving insight into how young people themselves feel they are coping with issues such as  elf esteem, bullying, online behaviour, early sexualisation and more recently, gaming. Workshops and presentations are designed to help parents understand why their children may not be coming to them in times of crisis, helping them to build and grow that essential connection between themselves and their children at a time when many young people, while amassing hundreds of ‘friends’ online, are feeling more isolated than ever before. 


Helping teachers recognise, avoid and cope with student bullying (both on and offline) and raising awareness on what issues students are facing on a day to day basis.


Specialising in working with busy parents within the workplace, on issues around work/life balance and on how to enhance communication, both with colleagues at work and children at home. Working within companies to help employees develop a sense of self-worth, gain the confidence to speak up before a problem escalates and learn how to understand and respect boundaries. 

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