Monica Rowe, originally a preschool teacher,  is a gifted communicator specialising in helping people deal with those essential conversations that enable them to move on in life and move up in business.

Monica trained as a Childline Facilitator and volunteered with them for 8 years. She also worked with the ISPCC/Childline for a number of years as their School Liaison Officer.  She is now founder and Director of Key Conversations, a communications business that focuses on teaching people the skills to cope with change, build relationships and develop a strong self image. She currently works with almost 30,000 students per annum. 

Monica has been working with young people for more than 30 years, giving workshops and presentations on topics such as Empathy, Wellbeing, Bullying, Online Behaviour, Self Esteem, Courage and Communication Skills.

A 2nd Degree Black belt in Kenpo Karate, Monica, while running her own karate club in Dublin, was regularly asked by schools to give courses on Self Defence. It quickly became obvious to her that many young people were struggling with self esteem issues, and she began focusing on helping students build self worth and grow in confidence Monica has gained extensive experience over the years, having worked with many thousands of students around the country. She has a genuine ability to engage and relate to young people and her call back rate is an impressive 95%

Monica comes from a very large family and her parents, Myles O’Farrell (an RTE News reporter) and Ursula Cussen,  (one of the founding members of the Irish Association for Counselling) taught their children from an early age that communication was the key to settling arguments and negotiating deals. Participation in family meetings was always encouraged, giving even the youngest children the confidence to speak out about anything they were concerned about in the knowledge that they would be heard and the concern dealt with.

Monica juggles a busy life. She is a wife and mother, and in addition to running Key Conversations, when she has the time, she helps her husband with their large retail business in South Dublin.

Monica’s Goal: “In a society where the emphasis is put on what we look like, how many ‘contacts’ we have and how to be like others, my goal is to reach people from the inside out; to encourage them to think deeply about who they are, to understand how their actions affect themselves and others, and to give simple, life altering tips on how to be comfortable in their own skin”